Handling your information

What information do we collect?

We collect information from you when you respond to a survey, attend an interview, fill out our online form or send in a written contribution. When sharing your views and experience with the Review you will be asked to provide your name and contact information so that we can get in touch if we want to speak to you in more detail or invite you to one of our seminars. Providing your contact details is entirely voluntary, however, and you can still share your story if you would prefer to withold them.

What do we use your information for?

The information we collect will be used to help the Review identify what further action is necessary to protect NHS workers who speak out (commonly referred to as whistleblowers). Analysis of the information shared with the Review will inform our advice and recommendations to the Secretary of State for Health on ways in which the culture, policies, procedures and practices that come into play when an NHS worker raises concerns can be improved.


Save as required by law and certain exceptional circumstances the Review will respect the confidentiality of information provided to it in confidence. The Review will only use confidential material in its Report where it is considered relevant and will do its utmost to present the material in such a way as not to breach any express or implied obligation of confidentiality, including, if appropriate, anonymising it and ensuring that individuals cannot be identified from it.

Please read our Procedures Protocol for further information.