Our Research

We commissioned a number of pieces of research in support of the Freedom to Speak Up Review. The conclusions and evidence drawn from this research is included in the Review report. The full research reports and analysis by researchers at the University of Greenwich and Middlesex University can be found on this page.

Surveys of NHS Staff, employers, regulators and trade unions

This report gives a detailed analysis of the surveys of NHS staff and employers, regulators, professional bodies and unions undertaken on behalf of the Review.

You can download the main report here (Please also click the links for Annex 1, Annex 2, and Annex 3)

In-depth interviews and NHS policy analysis

The report of the quantitative research includes details of the in depth interviews and analysis of NHS whistleblowing policy documents conducted on behalf of the Review.

You can download the report here

Thematic analysis of contributions

A thematic analysis of 402 written contributions to the Review was undertaken by researchers at Middlesex University.

You can download the report here


This document summarises the main findings and key points raised at the four seminars conducted during the course of the Review

You can download the report here